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Applejack looked at the foal in her hooves, who had just calmed down from his crying and now slept soundly as she rocked him.

Suddenly, she heard a poof and turned around to see her large noodly draconequus husband.

"Oh Discord, it's just you."

"Indeed, dearest Applejack, it is I. Now what would you say about us going out to that strawberry mare's house and-", Discord stopped when he saw a small blue foal erst in AJ's arms. "Where did that come from?"

"Oh, I'm just babysitting this little guy for Pinkie Pie."

AJ rocked the sleeping foal in her arms as Discord walked over near her. He looked at the blue foal, and then to his wife, who looked at the baby with loving eyes.

"Do ya remember when Goldy was a baby", she asked.

Discord laughed. "Oh, how could I forget? Especially that one time where he burped all those sticky cotton candy bubbles around the town. Oh memories."

"Yeah", Applejack said fondly. She sighed in content as she watched the sleeping foal. "I remember when we would rock him to sleep like this."

"Yes. Such a way to spend one's time at 3 in the morning", Discord commented sarcastically.

"But now he's getting older. He's off at school, and his friends. Getting too old to need us like this."

Applejack leaned into Discord's fur as she continued smiling. "He was a pain, but sometimes…sigh I wish he was small like this again."

"Heh,yeah", Discord agreed. "He was so much more gullible back then."

Applejack didn't seem to hear him as she still rocked the foal. Discord looked at her, and thought onto the conservation they were having, when suddenly his eyes went wide at the implication.

Does she?!…another one?!…oh boy..Ok, I can handle this professionally. Later, I'll have to get a coin."


So yeah. That's what this was all about.

Still working on Pinkie Pie's family.

And speaking on working on families

Just a reminder that Mayhem's name is actually Golden Apple, and Mayhem is just a nickname.


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