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Equestria At War

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Ok, like the other gift art, this one is for Ally Kitty, though no version of this one has been shared yet. Here we seen the sirens heading into battle as per chapter 23 of Forgotten Legacy, part of Ally Kitty's Homecoming universe. Their new blue gems give them healing magic, and here they're using it to heal away a zombie army.
safe1552352 artist:kuzumori73 adagio dazzle11836 aria blaze9069 sonata dusk12448 earth pony189788 pony824482 siren2020 abstract background11423 cloven hooves8652 colored17327 commission49654 digital drawing31 equestria girls ponified3906 eyes closed77933 female876883 floating3369 gem5268 gift art2251 gradient background10548 mare403073 ponified37601 shading1359 signed79 simple background336634 singing5717 siren gem1567 sirens doing siren things124 smiling209135 the dazzlings3998 trio7049


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