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safe1900784 artist:mlp-silver-quill510 blaze365 blue blazes13 fire streak286 fleetfoot2379 high winds289 lightning streak184 misty fly604 rainbow dash253338 silver lining317 silver zoom316 soarin'14840 spitfire14355 sun chaser8 surprise3216 thunderlane4467 wave chill133 wind waker (character)112 pegasus374558 pony1248376 clothes533728 female1537693 goggles15857 line-up1123 male435550 mare578744 roster17 show accurate22043 stallion138787 uniform12716 vector82308 wonderbolts3927 wonderbolts uniform6463


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@Background Pony #C521
It’s due to the flow of what’s going on in the story. If I cut off what’s going on into more chapters, it would break the flow of events. (But I will admit that it’s also due to lots of things taking up more space than I anticipated.
Background Pony #B6C1
Hey Calm I really like that fanfiction called “percring the heavens”.I actuly don’t read the chapters in order so I really don’t get the story.But I’ve read flying sky high and head in the before percring the heavens.Why did you write the chapters so long.Couldn’t you do like flying sky high 5000 to 8000.Sorry I for got how long they are.
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I tend to loosely use canon with my stuff. This is SunnyDays from FiMFiction, by the way. Funny to see you here!
If I’ll be using Nightingale at all, it’ll be for the purpose I said earlier. A bit of an irony slap in Spitfire’s face to see a Nightshade lookalike show up in the recruit list.

Yeah I’ve been writing for the Wonderbolts since season 3 (before rainbow falls) so in general mine are very different from the show (such as silver lining being the old one close to retirement instead of Fire streak) and any new wonderbolts shown in the background simply don’t exist xD
And yeah I’ve been using nightshade for the lead shadowbolt since then too. Though I credit the name to pooryorik. I ended up using starry skies as well from his shadowbolts before realizing it was and OC.
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

In my works, I’m going to call this one Nightingale and the Shadowbolt Nightshade. I think that would be a hilarious plot point of getting the two mixed up. Oh, and that they both just so happen to look like Soarin.  
I’ve always seen Nightshade as having yellow/gold eyes, so this can’t be her.
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Busy procrastinating
Wind waker and sun chaser eh? looks like the only one without a name now is the mare colored like Soarin
As far as I know, she’s named Nightingale or Nightshade.
And she seems to be Blaze and Surprise’s new flying partner.
Background Pony #24CF
I think Lighting Streak looks off somehow. Aren’t his eyes supposed to be yellow?