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safe2116565 artist:inowiseei347 applejack196091 earth pony422562 human234194 pony1477834 g41925726 :36545 angry35495 apple20567 applecat137 arm88 behaving like a cat2914 bipedal47579 biting5050 cowboy hat24482 cute256899 dialogue88901 disembodied arm139 disembodied hand3845 ear fluff47430 ear tufts1304 featured image1166 female1738372 food97127 glare8938 hand12129 hat119385 hug36327 jackabetes7760 looking at you246018 madorable1049 mare702350 missing freckles141 nom3492 offscreen character49502 silly8681 silly pony3450 simple background568723 solo focus28083 sweet dreams fuel2001 text85391 that pony sure does love apples889 white background151659 who's a silly pony779


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