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it’s the thought that counts

safe2116464 artist:dragonpone369 derpibooru exclusive38776 spike90626 twilight sparkle349704 dragon81191 pony1477655 unicorn511987 :<1484 abstract background22973 butt freckles3068 cheek fluff8887 chest fluff61733 crystal heart1170 cute256877 dialogue88874 ear tufts1304 eyebrows21497 eyebrows visible through hair10138 eyes closed133539 female1738257 fluffy18501 freckles41452 happy42660 heart71808 lidded eyes45099 male528806 mare702203 older37739 older spike8694 present8236 raised eyebrow9240 sharp teeth5988 ship:twispike1971 shipping245817 sitting88226 smiling376258 spikabetes2617 spread wings88277 straight172315 teenage spike1216 teenager6895 teeth19483 text85368 unamused23149 unicorn twilight31315 wavy mouth5303 winged spike9884 wings207641 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2433


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