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Credit to SelenaEde for the Original Bases!

I got bored, and I see a lot of people doing this, so I thought I'd give this a shot.

Hope you like it!~
safe1586421 artist:leanne264127 bow hothoof921 bright mac1146 cloudy quartz1232 cookie crumbles928 gentle breeze297 hondo flanks482 igneous rock pie820 night light2022 pear butter2462 posey shy1060 twilight velvet3872 windy whistles1868 oc611098 earth pony202756 pegasus243604 pony853683 unicorn270332 alternate mane six292 alternate timeline2741 alternate universe9423 base used16097 bowquartz3 cookiebright2 female907732 infidelity5407 male308461 mare419819 offspring34669 parent swap au18 parent:bow hothoof18 parent:bright mac15 parent:cloudy quartz27 parent:cookie crumbles17 parent:gentle breeze10 parent:hondo flanks16 parent:igneous rock17 parent:night light39 parent:pear butter40 parent:posey shy26 parent:twilight velvet44 parent:windy whistles29 parents:bowquartz1 parents:cookiebright1 parents:pearlight13 parents:poseyrock3 parents:velvetbreeze1 parents:windyflanks2 pearlight15 poseyrock3 shipping185186 simple background348634 stallion93893 straight122493 velvetbreeze2 white background88178 windyflanks2


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