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What would happen if Sunset Shimmer were in world 63, Sci-Dusk would prefer Sunset Shimmer than Forest Pine, for those who do not know who is the female version of Timber Spruce

The original image in the link
safe1574506 artist:urhangrzerg91 sci-twi22042 sunset shimmer57534 trixie62073 twilight sparkle282553 equestria girls179993 dusk shine2201 duskshimmer64 equestria guys951 female898370 half r63 shipping1662 holiday15784 jealous1142 male305209 romantic jealousy20 rule 6325189 sciduskshimmer4 scitwishimmer2559 shipping183865 straight121616 sunsetsparkle4723 valentine's day3105


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #2C4F
Descuida Trixie, tu eres demasiada y poderosa mujer para estar con un imbécil cretino de la bazofia Shine.
Background Pony #2C53
I do not know about you, but something tells me that the fandom does not want to ship Trixie to anyone … It makes me sad and unfair that a shipping as valuable as the Twixie has been forgotten by the overexploitation of the Scitwishimmer.