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Rainbow Feather:I'm going to play the Last Guardian and…..

safe (1523956) artist:joeywaggoner (431) oc (574098) oc:quartz horn (40) oc:rainbow feather (326) griffon (23710) hippogriff (7747) unicorn (243686) comic (97380) despair (176) humor (836) interspecies offspring (5912) magical lesbian spawn (9400) mirror (4453) offspring (32051) parent:gilda (606) parent:rainbow dash (4716) parents:gildash (358) playstation (236) portal (1681) sad (21959) shocked (5394) technology (164) video game (4407)


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8 comments posted
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Young Leosword
Horsemen tech likely works in Equestria with the help of a good engineer to attach the whatzits to the doohickeys. :3
Background Pony #4904
Well, just figure out voltage and frequency (if alternate current and big difference from 50/60 Hz).
She should've say "Consoles haz no gaems" instead :D
Background Pony #357F
How about bringing a fuel/coal generator from that world and using it to power the console?
They do have coal in Equestria at least.