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hmm…I feel like this would have been a lot better as gabby or greta or something. I just can’t see gilda ever doing this
One writing tip I heard once that really stuck with me, is to give a character at least one hobby or interest that doesn’t fit the rest of their theme or character type. To make them feel more like real people, that’s lived a whole life-time before their screen-time and have a life off-screen as well.
Like, say, having the prim and proper gentleman always dressed to the spades squeal in excitement as soon as the subject of motocross comes up, or the though-guy biker with an encyclopedic knowledge of Care-Bears.
It’s more applicable to longer works since it’s easier to work that type of stuff in naturally then, of course, but from what I’ve tried in my own writing it seems to be a really solid idea to avoid overusing tired old archetypes.
In that light, having Gilda be into beer culture stuff? Sure, why not?