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safe2117494 artist:hakunohamikage958 pinkie pie249972 twilight sparkle349778 alicorn302659 earth pony422827 pony1478622 ask-princesssparkle928 g41926598 ^^2948 ask26847 blue eyes11359 cake12444 confetti2543 dialogue88931 duo156375 duo female27553 eye contact7580 eyes closed133589 female1739110 folded wings17675 food97209 fourth wall2415 horn139649 house3316 looking at each other32172 looking up22996 mare702733 multicolored mane3991 multicolored tail2746 open mouth225038 open smile26263 pink mane2241 pink tail812 purple eyes5322 shrunken pupils5131 smiling376533 spread wings88384 standing22773 tail88885 tumblr35785 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146018 wings207907


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