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March 11-17, 2018.
Coloring of Valentine’s Day stream sketch by John Joseco (originally posted in part 2 of the sketch dumps).
suggestive172836 artist:johnjoseco4504 artist:king-kakapo1290 color edit8437 edit156735 fluttershy238094 twilight sparkle332819 human202671 adorasexy11380 bed50011 belly button95624 big breasts106760 blushing238506 bra19266 breast envy529 breasts342973 busty fluttershy20930 cleavage40942 clothes558907 colored22207 cute236072 cutie mark on human2400 embarrassed13589 eyes on the prize6282 female1602475 frilly underwear4700 humanized110081 implied lesbian4186 implied shipping6211 implied twishy33 lingerie12462 panties57584 purple underwear2318 ribbon8249 sexy37956 shyabetes16965 sitting78567 socks81807 stockings41974 thigh highs48769 twiabetes13846 underwear70787 white underwear3704


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