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One day I woke up out of bed and someone said to me “I want alex jones in the info wars studio eating mozzarella orgy with the caption: I LIKE TO EAT!!!” and then that person paid me to draw it.
Is this art business really worth it? lol. yes
UPDATE: Fixed the awful shading and some colour issues.
safe1899925 artist:moonatik1097 oc798805 oc:mozzarella orgy63 food pony1410 human186131 original species30044 pizza pony135 alex jones25 cannibalism575 clothes533405 commission89596 food82523 infowars11 pizza2276 pizzagate4 shirt30362 studio143 vore16097 wat20360


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Background Pony #033D
I find it sad that people have just discovered that Pizzagate is a real thing but have ignored many cases of child trafficking rings throughout the previous years.

Ruwa is best waifu.
Well. It is true in fact. I know from several reliable sources that gatekeeping in industries happens mostly to make sure the gatekeepers keep the market to themselves. That is also why most capitalists are in opposition to monopolies too.
Flummoxed Phoenix
Wallet After Summer Sale -

The mainstream media don’t/won’t make good content and insist on attacking people who are creating something entertaining instead of just upping their own game. This is why the free market works and why the globalists insist on destroying it and replacing it with monopolies. It’s easier/cheaper to force people to eat tripe than to cook a better steak than the next guy.
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What do I do lord?
D̴̮̓e̷͜͠s̴̢͊t̸̻̿r̵̫̈́o̴̬͗y̸͍̅ ̷̺̓T̸̛͜h̸̭̉ě̶̲ ̷̛̭C̴͍̔h̶̢̃ì̸̖l̵͇̀d̷͙̄