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Just a meme i did for fun, will add in the details later.
safe1676212 artist:alphamonouryuuken193 adagio dazzle12662 applejack167419 aria blaze9594 arizona cow1091 capper dapperpaws1551 captain celaeno1113 daybreaker2726 fido524 flam2117 flash magnus811 flim2214 fluttershy209504 garble1786 grogar (g1)248 grubber836 indigo zap2428 king sombra13611 lemon zest3139 lord tirek5178 meadowbrook813 nightmare rarity2951 oleander1081 paprika paca831 pinkie pie213297 pom lamb644 pony of shadows479 princess cadance32259 princess celestia93795 princess ember6332 princess luna97930 princess skystar1950 queen chrysalis34276 queen novo1324 rainbow dash230527 rarity179107 rockhoof1117 rover988 shining armor22830 sonata dusk13288 sour sweet3259 spike77823 spot455 star swirl the bearded1991 starlight glimmer47768 storm king1177 sugarcoat3273 sunny flare2691 sunset shimmer61736 tantabus478 tempest shadow16602 thorax4243 tianhuo563 trixie66339 twilight sparkle296643 velvet reindeer1254 abyssinian1198 alicorn218649 alpaca905 centaur3261 changedling8067 changeling46009 classical unicorn4009 cow3253 deer5383 dragon54468 earth pony237749 lamb508 longma584 pegasus280250 pony938875 reindeer1891 sheep1459 unicorn311030 anthro253641 them's fightin' herds4231 g114465 my little pony: the movie18778 anthro with ponies2539 beauty mark1113 canterlot5571 cloudsdale1273 cloven hooves9813 community related3983 cowboy hat15169 dragoness8026 ear piercing25199 earring20384 equestria girls ponified4239 evil celestia302 evil luna244 female1336136 fightin' six141 hallow shades1 hat84386 jewelry60693 leonine tail8202 male362674 mane six31447 mare466258 meme81139 piercing39703 pirate hat545 ponified40270 seaquestria279 shadowbolts1596 sombra swag5 stallion104823 storm guard358 tartarus447 template1533 the dazzlings4253 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122112 unshorn fetlocks24453 wall of tags2908


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Not to mention why Grubber and Shadow 5 are in Villains side — i mean this does look a little not like i can imagine — There should be place for more anti-hero characters i think. And also where the hell is Discord, i mean he is the most powerfull character in the series, but come on seeing him fighting wouldn't be that bad, maybe as a hidden character. Not to mention again using Princesses as dlc this is another waste of their potential and i think other characters such as Pie sisters for example and etc could be good things too.
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For obvious reasons, NMM would have to be fought before NMR if something like this happened.
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14 DLC characters… Man I will never get used to this trashy modern games. I miss when we called that "unlockable" content and you just had to beat the boss. Even when you unlocked Sunset and realised she was just a reskin of Starlight, it felt worth it, because you earned it.