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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1552163 artist:metalgearsamus2 ahuizotl748 aloe2399 amethyst star2242 angel bunny9320 apple bloom46130 applejack157026 aunt orange346 basil337 berry punch6057 berryshine6048 big macintosh26622 bloomberg139 blues904 bon bon15453 braeburn6080 bruce mane126 caramel2333 carrot cake2012 carrot top5117 chief thunderhooves255 cloudy quartz1191 coco crusoe537 cranky doodle donkey905 cup cake3710 daisy2195 daring do5975 derpy hooves47886 diamond tiara9566 discord28402 dj pon-327870 doctor whooves9970 donut joe745 dumbbell598 fancypants1754 featherweight1202 filthy rich1059 firefly1732 flam2001 fleur-de-lis3313 flim2125 flower wishes2061 fluttershy195503 gilda9028 golden harvest5117 granny smith4947 gummy4783 hoity toity947 hoops402 igneous rock pie805 iron will1291 lily1754 lily valley1754 little strongheart727 lotus blossom2549 lyra heartstrings27474 mare do well938 mayor mare3031 minuette5307 mjölna378 mosely orange136 night light1937 nightmare moon15834 noi576 noteworthy905 nurse redheart3242 octavia melody22028 opalescence1950 owlowiscious1891 parcel post48 philomena1015 photo finish2496 pinkie pie201121 pipsqueak2691 pokey pierce1272 post haste118 prince blueblood3778 princess cadance30061 princess celestia88890 princess luna92986 quarterback184 rainbow dash216897 rarity167676 rocky340 roseluck4612 rover968 sapphire shores977 scootaloo48772 screw loose546 screwball1417 sea swirl1382 seafoam1381 sheriff silverstar229 shining armor21518 silver spanner155 silver spoon6172 snails5119 snips3979 soarin'13229 sparkler2092 spike73948 spitfire12674 star swirl the bearded1854 steven magnet555 sunshower raindrops2193 surprise2882 sweetie belle46227 sweetie drops15453 tank2559 time turner9955 tom855 trixie60955 truffle shuffle413 twilight sky106 twilight sparkle278965 twilight velvet3742 twist2774 uncle orange285 vinyl scratch31965 winona2413 zecora8677 oc591969 oc:fausticorn1477 alicorn190353 cockatrice501 dragon46365 earth pony189726 griffon24361 hydra442 parasprite1959 pony824282 quarray eel65 timber wolf1236 ursa minor568 windigo574 absurd resolution63619 cutie mark39439 destiny rock5 elements of harmony2322 female876760 g113854 g1 to g43649 generation leap5371 kitchen sink58 lauren faust1702 male298219 mane six28849 multiple heads1506 periodic table160 royal guard6974 score235 stallion90054 the oranges125 tree26793 wall of tags2229


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Background Pony #E1E5
fun fact: peanut butter is element 82, and its symbol is Pb.
on the real periodic table, lead is element 82, and its symbol is Pb.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

What really makes this is the organization. Within each column are meaningfully similar properties, like a proper periodic table. And the Actinide and Lanthanide series are …not exactly normal. And the Actinides at the bottom are all very dangerous. And the CMCs as young synthetic elements that have only existed for the very first time within modern history, with no known properties yet. The attention to detail is great.

@Background Pony #8751
Actually they're the Noble Gasses. The Apple Family (minus AJ) are the Halogens.
Background Pony #92BF
Gotta love Derpy representing the pinnacle of instability.

Making the Mane Six the halogens was an interesting choice.

Also… Element 79, the Element of Insanity!