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From Devianart:
Thats something that never looks good in the bed, lol
This didn’t happen, but I thought it’d be funny. This is from the first part of episode 2.
The joke was from this movie.
lol, or it could have been more like this.
suggestive148588 artist:flicker-show339 spike80597 twilight sparkle306620 alicorn233508 dragon58844 pony1014021 semi-anthro13605 school daze2816 absurd resolution67056 anatomically incorrect4244 bed42452 bedsheets1001 blushing205175 comic111633 context in description82 dialogue68207 disgusting120 embarrassed11766 eye contact6623 female1405176 frown23635 glare8306 gritted teeth13308 groan44 implied masturbation888 incorrect leg anatomy1827 innuendo1396 lidded eyes31889 looking at each other21546 looking back60277 lying down19872 male389129 mare503790 messy mane7946 nervous5892 open mouth155197 pillow18699 pointing4192 prone26411 raised hoof48568 sad25136 scene interpretation8857 simple background410400 speech bubble24480 sweat27745 sweating profusely404 text62407 tissue590 tissue box252 traditional art120519 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126359 white background102828 wide eyes17432


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Background Pony #2793
twilight think of flash are sexy he and are wonderful sex time she can get with him over to think of the closing of her school!
I, Da Witchfinder

I’m not gonna lie. I thought when he said Happy Tears he meant tears of joy. Didn’t even cross my mind what it could actually be until I read the comments.