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safe1572760 artist:silverhyena12 applejack158575 fluttershy197423 octavia melody22253 pinkie pie202931 prince blueblood3831 rainbow dash219032 rarity169434 tempest shadow15338 trenderhoof826 trouble shoes1050 twilight sparkle282282 alicorn194720 my little pony: the movie17716 apology180 bellhop11 bellhop pony35 bluedash25 blushing175397 clothes408053 clown nose265 crack shipping3492 cute176743 dress39468 female896898 fluttertavia14 gem5389 lesbian92084 male304705 mane six29409 music notes2965 shipping183664 story in the source1715 straight121459 tempestlight3363 trenderjack106 trouble pie12 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114987


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6 comments posted

Seriously, Bluedash? O.o Never thought of that one before…

Fluttertavia actually seems pretty darn adorable, tempestlight is of course a classic :3…and trouble pie seems pretty cute…

I could see any of these ships maybe happening (though idk about trenderjack and I honestly don't know who that bellhop is) but Bluedash just doesn't parse. ¯\(ツ)
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