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Pinkie Pie x Somnambula
Rarity x Twilight Sparkle
Diamond Tiara x Silver Spoon
Sunset Shimmer x Trixie Lulamoon
Babs Seed x Twist
Plaid Stripes x Saffron Masala
Sweetie Belle x Applebloom
Applejack x Adagio Dazzle

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safe1574955 edit117552 edited screencap56020 screencap199115 adagio dazzle11970 apple bloom46541 applejack158805 babs seed5628 diamond tiara9671 pinkie pie203176 plaid stripes259 rarity169673 saffron masala1572 silver spoon6218 somnambula1647 sunset shimmer57566 sweetie belle46648 trixie62101 twilight sparkle282630 twist2797 alicorn195190 babstwist92 crack shipping3504 dazzlejack80 female898723 lesbian92180 pinkambula32 rarilight1833 saffronstripes16 shipping183944 shipping domino816 silvertiara398 suntrix562 sweetiebloom300 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115167


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@Gay Space Raptor

I can only assume that you haven't really read Frogs descriptions. Becuase trust me, she MAKES it work. Also, they are aged up, so the jailbait part ain't there in Frogs world.
Gay Space Raptor
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Not actually gay
Yeah that really irks me something mighty fierce. Disregarding the uncomfortable potential age gap, the only real chemistry I can see is that she worked before as a shop assistant to Rarity so she could do the same thing for Saffron's restaurant but wasn't she also bad at her job like wanting to make a dress out of spoons? And basically her
dad would force Rarity to do her requests because he was the landlord. I might be getting the details wrong, I haven't seen the episode in a long time. But it doesn't sound like a good time for Saffron.
But anyway, "Saffy" definitely needs more love I admit. I wouldn't mind something like pairing her up with a fellow chef that owns a diner/restaurant.