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safe1949021 artist:luximus17152 gallus8351 ocellus6318 sandbar6434 silverstream7247 smolder10175 yona6066 changedling10305 changeling57673 classical hippogriff5945 dragon70626 earth pony352070 griffon32486 hippogriff12027 pony1299095 yak5777 school daze3062 cloven hooves12623 cute232496 diaocelles1170 diastreamies1333 digital art25280 dragoness11917 eye clipping through hair10624 eyebrows14557 eyebrows visible through hair7511 featured image1049 female1582196 frown28081 gallabetes964 group5159 high res84358 male451594 open mouth193743 open smile15113 sandabetes799 simple background491747 smiling324392 smolderbetes1462 student six1972 sweet dreams fuel1862 teenaged dragon1377 teenager5874 wavy mouth4694 white background127150 yonadorable915


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