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Tirek threatening Scorpan with kill Spike
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Background Pony #C9FB
@Smart Heart  
FiM is honestly weighed down by being a “Y” rated show with such a huge adult following. It puts restraints and pressures on it that would not exist if it were just one or the other. And being so long running doesn’t help.
Gen one cartoons and EQG avoid this by being one rating up and not being longer than they need to be to the point of repetition. Whenever they use existing characters, they always end up being little more than walking gags, Tirek especially. Original characters are best where FiM stands.
Background Pony #8475
@Background Pony #BBDC  
How is that “stupid”? Little girls like adventure, excitement, and danger, just like little boys. It’s pretty insulting to imply that the existence of danger means a show isn’t for little girls. (Also Disney movies are for all kids, INCLUDING LITTLE GIRLS.)
Background Pony #3C42
Both G1 and G4 versions of Tirek were Disney villain level scary in their own right and people still say that My Little Pony is a show for little girls… AND EVERYONE DOESN’T SEE HOW STUPID THAT IS?!
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Red Cedar  
He sort of did. In the scene here, Tirek was forcing Scorpan to do his bidding by threatening Spike (who was Scorpan’s pet at the time). The analogous scene would be the one where Tirek had captured and was threatening all of Twilight Sparkle’s friends unless she surrendered her magic to him.