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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Background Pony #D4BA
People have debated in the past over what would happen if time stopped in actual real life,
and if by stop you mean similar to hitting the pause button while watching a video…
people wouldn't have the capability to actually notice if time had stopped,
time actually could have stopped numerous times in history and nobody would have noticed.
But then some scientists actually doubt that time itself actually exists,
it's just something that people have come up to make sense of the world around them,
imagine how boring the world will be if not only does time not exist but it's ultimately
impossible to travel back in time because everything one second ago and past will never exist ever again.
Something that was once there but no longer here will never be ever again.
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If you ask me she wasn't in the right mind set, she was desperate and her friends weren't taking things seriously the entire movie. It doesn't excuse it but I could see why she did it. Especially since Novo basically told her "sorry but fuck your problems, we'll stay down here in cowardice."
Also I figured you were kidding.
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Kirin Flutterfan

This monster also tried to destroy the world…

Okay, now jokes aside, before this spirals out of control, let me say I was just joking. I love the purple pony princess too, but I'm not going to let her live down that one incident, I will make fun of her for it until the end of time.
Background Pony #208D
We saw all that because Twilight was there to close the time loop. Had Twilight just ignored the time spell then it would have been like nothing happened at all.
Background Pony #208D
We also don't know if Starlight could have actually destroyed the world with time travel without creating a paradox preventing her from going back and doing it in the first place.
Background Pony #208D
Do you know what would happen if time suddenly just stopped? Either Twilight would have created another limbo where everything would stop at that one point forever, or without time the universe would just collapse on itself, destroying everything.
Background Pony #208D
But Twilight did try to solve a problem that never actually happened by looking though Starswirl's spells for a way to stop time.