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Dear Lucy, what's your favorite subject to study?

safe1552212 artist:lopoddity722 king sombra12506 lord tirek4626 oc592020 oc:lucifer23 oc:princess lucifer9 centaur2505 hybrid14686 pony824332 unicorn255941 pandoraverse666 cloven hooves8650 daddy sombra23 daddy tirek26 dear lord tirek9 father and daughter2188 fathers2 female876814 four eyes205 gay24871 interspecies offspring6172 magical gay spawn857 male298236 next generation5900 nose piercing2172 nose ring1777 offspring33375 parent:king sombra1016 parent:lord tirek159 parents:sombrek14 piercing33702 shipping180836 simple background336611 sombrek11 stallion90060


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