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AZURE, BE NICE TO YOURSELF. These babbus look gorgeous!!!

So the lovely azure-art-wave contacted me and asked if we could do crackship babies between our characters…AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AGREED.
Here are the two corresponding characters I made

Frost Verse
Son of Picture Perfect and Madmoiselle D'Hiver

Frost is a quiet and pensive stallion who seems to be paying attention to everything. It gives him a detached and uninterested demeanour, though that is not his intention. Everything in the world around him inspires him to write and or recite poems hushed under his breath. He's quite the mumbler and rarely speaks up unless asked.
He's better around his mothers as he knows them well and he isn't worried about if they'd judge him for his quirks. Mostly because Hiver teases him constantly so he knows where she stands. Momma Pic however is very kind and patient with him, so he always comes to her to bounce ideas off of her for his latest poem.

Cotton Sweetheart
Son of Cranpa and Shield

Ever since he was a wee foal, Cotton [or Sweetie] has been enamoured by cheesy romantic films and stories. He often asked older married folk how they met and cooed and the romantic parts. Like his grandmother Pinkie, Cotton has a love for sweets almost on par with his love for…well love! This however leaves him on the portly side and his cousin tease him for not being able to fly. He claims there is just more to love about him~

Many ponies point out that he loves the idea of intimacy but can't hold a lover for longer than a week. He's dramatic, self-sabotaging and perpetually offended. He walks about life believing he's the main character of one of his cheesiest romance film without the understanding of how to love someone properly.

When stacked up next to his father Shield, he feels inadequate. He neither has the fitness, nor the focus to be a royal guard. However, in his younger years he was always trying to impress his old man.

He left home very early to seek employment at his uncle's mansion in Trottingham as a way to "add some depth to his facade". However he spends most of his days tormenting poor Wildberry and crushing on his bandmate Bad Axe [a mare many years his senior]


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