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Artist Comment:
I guess it’s the 1st time when i draw them all on one picture
Hope you like it!
Also, don’t forget to check out the Timelapse.
safe1861410 artist:inowiseei301 applejack180910 fluttershy227668 pinkie pie229593 rainbow dash249402 rarity194880 twilight sparkle319943 earth pony313178 pegasus356213 pony1205707 unicorn393846 applejack's hat10421 backwards cutie mark3969 book36883 car6696 car interior108 cowboy hat19749 cuddle puddle334 cuddling9111 cute220307 daaaaaaaaaaaw5252 dashabetes10320 diapinkes10978 eyes closed109097 female1501044 floppy ears59251 hat99454 hnnng2548 inowiseei is trying to murder us5 jackabetes6724 lying down26206 mane six33922 mare557069 on back27420 pony pile831 precious108 rain6660 raribetes6029 shyabetes15747 sleeping25262 sweet dreams fuel1774 tail bite684 twiabetes13055 unicorn twilight22245 weapons-grade cute4030


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