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Giant Twilight #24
She hasn’t even swallowed and she’s already growing. Too bad we won’t see the actual growth due to the next several panels being pure black (kidding).
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safe1754637 artist:shieltar384 part of a set13576 twilight sparkle306624 pony1014218 unicorn343914 comic:giant twilight71 comic111636 cute206167 edible heavenly object63 female1405306 giant pony4715 giantess4243 growth5957 macro11137 mare503876 part of a series2760 pony bigger than a planet491 pony bigger than a star85 signature27132 silhouette2601 solo1096980 space5188 sun6960 twiabetes12295 unicorn twilight18786


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Background Pony #A491
Gotta eat and eat and eat and eat some more, mmmmm sooooo hungry!  
All that is or ever will be BELONGS IN MY BELLY!
And then universe vore happened
Background Pony #2632
In the words of the artist in a earlier panel of this comic “grow… grow… GROW!”
Background Pony #4A26
@Background Pony #5147  
Yeah, I know she’ll be bigger than a galaxy before too long, ‘cause almost nobody has much of a sense of scale for things that massive. I’m just pointing out how dumb it is to have tags for ponies bigger than planets and galaxies, but not for ponies bigger than stars or solar systems.
Background Pony #D018
@Background Pony #6CA6  
Turst me, Twilght’s probably going to hit “bigger then a galaxy” sooner then you then you think. Epically since she seems to have DOUBLED in size allready from the rest of the sun, AND THE FULL GROWTH SPIRT MOST LIKELY HASN’T HIT HER YET!
Background Pony #4A26
@Background Pony #5147  
To be fair, there were only tags for “pony bigger than a planet” and “pony bigger than a galaxy”, but there should’ve been a tag for “pony bigger than a star” a long time ago, and a “pony bigger than a solar system” tag too (which I’ll add when we see that Twilight’s gotten there), ’cause galaxies are still millions of times bigger than solar systems, so there has to be something between planet-sized and galaxy-sized ponies.