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safe1688213 artist:lux121 oc673221 oc only442283 oc:pillow case89 pegasus284797 pony949935 animated97664 clothes452836 cute197141 eyes closed91365 featured image874 female1346265 frame by frame4006 frog (hoof)12513 gif30462 hair1701 haters gonna hate218 hoodie13882 loop5194 mare471982 meme81439 music2797 music notes3212 ocbetes5029 saddle bag5771 simple background387209 smiling243183 solo1051750 super nintendo169 transparent background199755 trotting1394 underhoof51207 walk cycle382 walking4685 walkman63


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Background Pony #B59A
Soooooo the "haters gonna hate" tag confuses me? Can someone explain please?
Background Pony #56AB
@Conversed Corruption
iirc, this is what the artist was listening to when he was streaming, and eventually just did the whole thing to the DKC soundtrack.