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Artist's description from DA:

May marches on, so let's trot out some more moms!

The very happy (very orange) Saffiplaid family is afoot. Plaid is pretty proud of the fact that all that running she and Northern did around the playground has tuckered the little guy out. Saffron is meanwhile perplexed and a bit concerned at how her baby Samosa can possess so much courageous energy at such a young age. It's just gonna get worse, Saffimama!

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Foto proved to be a clueless, selfish and generally crappy mother all throughout BonBon's foalhood. Their relationship to this day is tightly strained. Life would be a whole lot easier if the pair could simply hate each other, but they're not that lucky.

In vignette the third, Derpy and Trissie bond with their brand new son Forry. There are no words, really. :3

Obligatory Who's Who in Frogtown: Northern Song is Saffron's cousin whom she and Plaid are raising. Samosa Stripes is Plaid and Saffron's spellborn daughter. BonBon is Foto Finish's daughter, sired by somepony Foto partied with once upon a time. Forever Stamp is Derpy and Trissie's son via the Responsible and Maternal Surrogate Trixie. Trissie belongs to jeremy3.

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust
safe1576792 artist:kaemantis754 bon bon15649 derpy hooves48263 photo finish2523 plaid stripes260 saffron masala1576 sweetie drops15649 oc605714 oc:forever stamp6 oc:northern song4 oc:samosa stripes6 oc:trissie65 anthro230673 adopted offspring990 alternate universe9284 baby9020 canon x oc22050 clothes409534 eye scar4452 eyes closed80297 family4019 female900309 gradient background10849 jacket10846 lesbian92257 magical lesbian spawn10756 male305879 mother and daughter5085 mother and son2597 offspring34476 parent:plaid stripes5 parent:saffron masala92 parents:saffronstripes5 saffronstripes16 scar10468 shirt21278 t-shirt3622


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