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suggestive170248 artist:lumineko2869 applejack186397 fluttershy235862 gallus8340 ocellus6317 rainbow dash257238 sandbar6431 silverstream7245 smolder10167 yona6065 classical hippogriff5942 griffon32443 hippogriff12017 pony1296629 yak5777 non-compete clause832 awkward1091 awkward moment227 butt171218 buttstuck432 comic122492 dock60718 female1579938 funny4783 funny as hell559 implied penetration189 mare604398 ouch1154 picture1560 plot111319 stuck3246 stuck between trees23 student six1972 this ended in pain268 tree40210


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Duck - Duck cannon at high speed
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The perfect punishment for two ponies who can’t even learn to cooperate. Especially if we all hoped and prayed they would at the end of the episode.*
(*Spoiler alert: they didn’t.)