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In the middle of Ponyville, there lived a filly called Brown Sugar. For the most part, Brown Sugar's life was good.
There were her friends, a group of foals who could hardly be more different, her daddy, who she loved more than any other pony in the world, a gigantic collection of toys, her love of mariachis and Wonderbolt stunts and a huge mansion all to herself! Brown Sugar could have been truly happy, but every filly had a wish and she was no exception.
There were wishes that were easy to fulfill, wishes that required some effort to be met and even wishes that made it necessary to bring a sacrifice if they should become true.
Normally, the wish for a loving and caring mother did not need to be fulfilled, it was something a filly had by default. Brown Sugar's life, however, was not normal and, one day, she realized that going the extra mile might be needed to make her wish become true.
Could a sacrifice bring her the mother she was wishing for so much?

The cover art was created by the fantastic, extraordinarily talented and overall just plain awesome Novel-Idea Shower him in praise and bits for the stunning work he did!
safe (1504270) artist:novel-idea (3) brown sugar (29) pony (781256) unicorn (234735) fanfic:wish for a mother (1) for whom the sweetie belle toils (771) season 4 (2035) author:fluttercheer (6) background pony (8304) bored (1289) cover (2667) cover art (988) fanfic (9901) fanfic art (12162) fanfic cover (1097) female (828464) filly (55504) foal (13563) lying (3157) simple background (317067)


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