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suggestive188480 artist:tzc565 sunset shimmer78361 human240435 equestria girls253085 equestria girls series40297 forgotten friendship6442 g42004930 anime7498 armpits46734 beach babe826 belly button108328 big breasts123580 bikini25214 bikini babe840 breasts384675 busty sunset shimmer8043 clothes624723 coca-cola313 crepuscular rays4724 cutie mark on clothes5849 cutie mark on human2545 cutie mark swimsuit177 female1778695 human coloration6822 humanized118031 sexy45186 solo1408238 solo female230002 summer sunset252 swimsuit38575


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Background Pony #B88B
Me : Sunset, hot are you  
Sunset : Well, I’m sweating right now so I’m super hot  
Me : Here, let me cool you down
Twi Clown
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King Sombra - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Crystal Empire!
A Lovely Nightmare Night - Celebrated the 12th anniversary of MLP:FIM!
Princess of Love - Extra special version for those who participated in the Canterlot Wedding 10th anniversary event by contributing art.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -
Kinship Through Differences - Celebrated the 11th anniversary of MLP:FIM!
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Übermensch in training
I certainly enjoy the view here. Nice look Sun.
Trust me, if you know how I often handle some things IRL, mostly out of sheer boredom.
Background Pony #6B7F
Sunset: Honey, do you wanna drink?
Me being an easily-distracted dumbass: Why are you holding it like that?
Background Pony #B88B
Sunset : Here’s your drink  
Person : Why there are three of it  
Sunset : What do you mean three, there’s only one and I’m holding it. Come on take it,I’m feeling hot right now.  
Person : Yes, you are Sunset. Yes, you are.
Background Pony #D925
Sunset: here. You look hot. I got you this.  
Me: you sure it’s me who looks hot???