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This is the first pony art I’ve drawn in…what? Over three years! I’ve even dusted off my old DeviantArt account in order to post it.
Anyway, this is my reference for my main pony OC, which serves as my ponysona. He is a sleipnir, an eight-legged horse from Norse mythology. There is no cutie mark yet because I haven’t designed one yet, so for now he shall remain a blank flank. Now, onto the important part…
  • Front legs are stacked, with two collar bones, the second further down the rib cage.  
  • Rear legs are all side-by-side, emanating from a single pelvic bone that branches into two sub-pelvises.  
  • The torso is slightly wider than normal to accommodate the four side-by-side rear legs.  
  • The head is slightly larger than normal due to the wider torso.  
  • Optionally, there can be two additional sub-tails between the outer legs.  
  • These sub-tails would be smaller than the main tail, because they don’t have spinal support.
    I designed this anatomy to function well in both feral and anthro form.


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