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safe1750779 artist:tjpones3213 twilight sparkle306181 alicorn232930 pony1010731 calarts77 cursed image741 dialogue67959 female1402114 funny aneurysm moment27 gray background7683 grinning potato31 mare502285 my little pony: neigh3 neigh193 open mouth154446 parody15784 pointing4178 simple background409208 sitting65597 smiling261046 solo1094501 spread wings57079 take that148 thin-line style24 thundercats roar14 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126201


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She Totally Pegs You
It's pretty much in limbo. Nothing's came out about it since it's announcement. It's either been quietly cancelled, being reworked, or CN's waiting until people forget about it to air it.

I personally would prefer the first option.