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So, they look almost-but-not-quite exactly like normal inhabitants of their world, they’re theoretically immortal, and they use their vast reserves of power to control fundamental aspects of nature. Yeah, alicorns are probably eldritch abominations.
This is what I imagine Celestia might look like if she ever let her true divine nature shine through. Comprised of light and heat and other energies unknown to mortals, she is tied directly to the sun; if it goes supernova, so does she. If she dies, so does it. Her many eyes weep constantly, tears of liquid flame that can heal any wound, like those of a phoenix.


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So if they’re eldritcth abominations, doesn’t that make them evil in a way? Or are they the same as we know them personality wise from the show?
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Luna is covered in constantly-shifting inky runes, and her body is translucent, like a bubble. Her mane is now even more like the night sky, complete with bright, distant galaxies. In dreams, she often appears as a dark planet, lit by no sun, yet still iridescent.
Cadance is comprised of a pink jelly-like goo. As a liquid, she has no natural shape, but with focus and effort, she can shift into whatever shape she pleases, or expand like a gas to fill whatever container she happens to be in. This odd property can lead to someone stepping into a puddle of her and finding that from the inside, it is as deep and wide as the sea. Fortunately, she’s breathable.
Twilight is made of stars. More accurately, she’s made of infinite constellations, each connection representing a relationship she has in the real world. She has great, curling ram’s horns, and no visible mouth, but her voice can be heard through the spine.
I should probably draw them at some point. Thanks for asking!