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Royal Parties are Wild  
    And they last for days.
    I did this one a whole while ago, this one could have been the reason my arm got fricked, for real, i was doing a lot of group sex pics at the moment, and this was the one i was doing when my arm started to hurt like all hell.  
    The lineart was from before the injury, the color and shading was after a ton of practice, when i started to feel confident again.  
    Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it!
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explicit370050 artist:dragk1098 princess cadance33624 princess celestia97847 princess luna102009 alicorn239041 anthro276254 plantigrade anthro35878 ahegao26360 anal29191 anal orgasm3431 areola19943 arm behind head7093 armpits43669 barefoot29127 big breasts88976 blowjob33564 both cutie marks11099 breast grab7664 breast squeeze1564 breasts296845 busty princess cadance3342 busty princess celestia10780 busty princess luna7442 collar35809 double penetration4593 drool26315 drool string6028 eyeshadow17458 feet42724 female1433961 folded wings7501 from behind14246 grope14222 group sex16430 guardance54 guardlestia223 guardluna152 hair pulling994 heart eyes17967 helmet11591 infidelity7065 jewelry71955 legs in air4092 lipstick12022 looking at you181714 looking pleasured1040 looking up17635 lovebutt1356 makeup24010 male399680 mare518909 moonbutt3666 multiple penetration4218 nipples180602 nudity391604 open mouth161506 oral51537 oral penetration206 orgasm12922 orgy2110 penetration63154 penis163321 praise the moon570 praise the sun2111 princess cadance is always horny122 princess cheatdance614 prison guard position614 regalia22013 royal guard8252 royal orgy2 royal sisters4722 sex129288 shipping209512 spread pussy3984 spreading20563 stallion121245 straight143358 sunbutt4314 tongue out111504 trembling751 vaginal42374 vaginal secretions41735 vulva136633 wallpaper19020 wallpaper for the fearless1804 wingding eyes24142


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The rare equestrian princess is an intense natural slut when in heat. They experience the raging hormones 10 times greater than the normal mare.
Background Pony #83EF
@Background Pony #D7C2  
Also, her arm is kinda weird, particularly her hand with tose weird yellow lines around it. And what’s with the pink light shining right around her pussy but nowhere else?
Background Pony #83EF
Why are Luna’s legs so short, what’s with uer asshole, and why does the clavicle/pec line from the guard to the right of her continue into her thigh? Was she added as a hasty afterthought maybe?