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safe1640898 screencap213926 applejack164676 baewatch46 fluttershy205827 gladys57 rainbow dash226733 starlight747 valhallen524 zephyr breeze2191 blue crushed279 equestria girls191433 equestria girls series31033 barefoot26278 clothes436279 feet37588 surfboard716 swimsuit26779 zephyr's necklace94


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Background Pony #64E2
Because the English version on YouTube is desaturated/darkened for whatever reason. I use the International versions which share the same, original color scheme to Discovery Family GO releases…

@Background Pony #F440
(YouTube version) Am I the only one who noticed the international versions of all beach shorts have the original color palette according to DFC app releases while only the English version is darkened?…

And it's opposite for the first 12 shorts and Forgotten Friendship, English version look more exposed (brightened) compared to DFC releases.

Though Choose Your Ending has OG colors on YouTube while darkened on DFC app.

Man, whoever handling these uploads should double check….

It's like they're doing this to promote Digital/physical DVD sales in the near future for the OG color palette (Though that backfired for Mirror Magic)