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safe1614264 artist:x-saltedfish38 edit122968 edited screencap59196 screencap210628 starlight glimmer45583 pony881792 unicorn284692 marks for effort1078 :i1466 animated94120 chinese meme29 chocolate3098 cropped46659 cup5773 drinking3164 duality4076 empathy cocoa210 faic11629 female1284948 floppy ears47777 food64180 gif28828 glowing horn17683 hot chocolate1147 i mean i see463 levitation11133 loop5016 magic68357 meme79574 mirrored225 reaction image9274 similo duplexis43 solo1002447 telekinesis25608 unamused14607 unitinu149


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@Background Pony #C319
I actually frequently use both Simplified(简体中文), Orthodox(正體中文) and Japanese "New Font" (新字体) Chinese characters lol. So I can actually distinguish them well, if Korean and Vietnamese Chinese characters don't count.

我在我的图片的标签里发现了这个……chinese meme