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Dat lip bite. Dat come hither stare. Pinkie Pie gets wet to dragon musk is canon.

suggestive129738 artist:thedrizzle40454 pinkie pie204445 spike74472 dragon48956 earth pony206024 pony857155 molt down816 blushing177956 dragon fetish3 dragon on pony action635 dripping4674 eyes closed81439 eyes on the prize4996 female1207592 fetish35466 gritted teeth10507 horny824 implied foalcon1502 interspecies20807 male329587 molestation1643 musk646 olfactophilia217 one eye closed26075 personal space invasion702 pinkiespike406 pony on dragon action167 quiver155 raised tail13559 shaking1315 shipping184620 smelly828 sniffing709 straight122395 tail20935 tail aside1148 vaginal secretions36611 vaginal secretions puddle381 vaginal secretions trail1421 wink22063 worried3499


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Background Pony #54E8
most dragons are born with their wings but this is not in ancient mythology Dragons don't molt there is nothing about Dragons molting