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Hey guys^^
I wanted to show you some of my favourite Patreon Rewads I’ve made so far :D Those are from this year and last year, requested by $15 Patrons and always sketched in the 2nd half of the month^^
If you’d like to get yourself a sketch like this every month, too, you might consider becoming a Patron, which also enables you to see pictures earlier than others, WIPs, Previews or even unpublished material :D
Hope you like them ;)
My Patreon: www.patreon.com/lupiarts
Every little bit is appreciated and means a lot to me, but noone is forced to support me financially. I’m grateful for every comment and fav, as well :D
If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you^^
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safe1972962 artist:lupiarts710 pinkie pie238707 rainbow dash259492 spitfire14671 trixie74726 oc837359 oc:black flare6 oc:lupi55 oc:lupiarts51 oc:melody204 oc:sassy response12 oc:snoopy stallion52 oc:two-tailed derpy34 oc:yaktan166 absol69 bird11557 eagle394 earth pony362180 fox2310 fox pony635 hybrid26116 original species31754 pegasus407347 pony1324971 unicorn447131 alcohol8866 beach19170 black and white15431 botw2 cape12885 cheek kiss2560 christmas18243 christmas tree5477 clothes559847 collage1773 costume35224 crossover68867 cuddling9669 cute236573 date1085 drill sergeant93 fantasy class1732 female1604752 firwork1 glass5894 glasses77494 grayscale44027 grumpy2978 happy38407 harry potter117 harry potter (series)839 harry potter costume1 helicopter593 hermione granger73 hero191 holiday28908 hoodie17753 hug33595 jewelry91402 joy107 kissing28909 lance310 lesbian108561 licking24409 love5817 luigi815 male460406 mare619123 mario1777 mario & luigi177 massage1274 miles "tails" prower799 monochrome163754 necklace25907 patreon14130 patreon reward2110 pencil drawing9716 pet2146 pinkie logic50 pokémon10330 present7753 revali9 romance970 rule 6330802 running7132 salute1195 scarf28592 shield2486 shipping229922 sketch72931 sketch dump3445 smiling331677 smirk15882 soldier2122 sonic the hedgehog (series)8091 spitdash473 spyro the dragon464 spyro the dragon (series)656 stallion150441 stare1600 suit7622 sword13515 tail66535 the legend of zelda3859 tongue out128761 traditional art131256 tree41484 trixie's cape4686 wand1446 warrior1461 weapon36666 wine3110 wine glass1948


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