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used bases and they have all the credits of the base I used SaphyJay Base: UNGG (F2U Base Edit) all the pre made ponys base I used belongs to Nazo-no-Akuma thanks very much the base of up was a comition SaphyJay made for help her but I found it interesting for make look my NG more interesting so really thanks for the two and like Nazo No Akuma said the original Idea is from kilalaaa I said too for dont steal the credit
all the characters of my NG down the pre mades of SaphyJay and Nazo No Akuma belongs to me thank you for your atention
please dont make hard critics of me im just a beginner
I promess dowload more thinks soon I have a problem with Devian Art dont let me post some kinda of my fanarts of how I wish to do it
Lyra x Bon Bon Daugther: Mochi Mochi
Octavia Melody and Vinly Scratch : Twin daugther´s Dubstep and Lovely Notes
Cherry Lee and tree Hugger: twin´s Spiritual Chi ( the green one) Astral Traveler ( the pegasus one)
Vapor Trail And Sky Stringer Daugther: Vapor Rush
Zecora x Royal Guard: Korrina
Ditzy Doo x Doctor Hooves: Dinky Doo and Phoebe Hope
Pipsqueak x Dinky Hooves = Muffin Delight
Big Mac x Sugar Belle Daugther: Apple Ambrosia Lee
Lighting Dusk x Thunderlane Daugther: Nordic wind
Troubel Shoes x Maud Pie: Smart amethyst
Chesse Sandwuich x Marble Pie: Chocolate Milkshake
Ember x Garble son : Lord Leonidas
Snips and unkwnow mare: summer wishes ( filly)
Snails x racer pegasus daugther: Storm Voltage
Quibble Pants x Spitfire (divorced) daugther: Spiritual Fire
Spitfire x Soarin twin Daugther´s: Rapid Fire Stormy Barrier
Sunset Shimmer x Trenderhoof ( divorced no kids)
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry: Love Spell (pegasus — female) Twin´s Sentry Sun and Magical Dream
Trixie and Prince Blue Blood: Princess Lucky Spell
Rumble x Unkwnow Mare daugther: challenging Racer aka Molly
Limestone Pie x Zehpyr Brezze : Magical Brezze
SilverSpoon x Diamond Tiara: Spoiled Duchess
Crhysalis x Fuffle Puff son and daugther: Radiant Dream ( the girl) WishBall ( the boy )
Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst: Karma Glimmer
Neon Lights x Princess SkyStar: Princess Ursula
T H E M A N E S I X ´S
Pinkie Pie x Prince Rutherford daugther: Princess Ahiru
Pinkie Pie x Poker Pierce kids: Cuite Swirl Pie ( adopted -deceased) Comet Butterfly ( the boy aka DJ Comet) Party Swirl Pie ( the girl member of the new mane 6 )
Rarity x Spike:Toriel (girl) Peridot Shine ( the boy )
Caramel x Applejack: Garnet Apple and Apple Lazuli
Twilight Sparkle x Timber Spruce (passed away): Everfree Eclipsa Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle x Tempest Shadow ( Fizzlepop BerryTwist) twin daugther´s : Fizzle Spelling and Wise Wisdom
Rainbow Dash x Scootaloo kids: Twin daugther´s : Rainbow Tempest and Brave Spirit (members of the new mane 6 ) Shereazade rainbow swirl dash ( cmc ) Dash Singer ( boy ) Sonic Rainboom ( teen — girl ) Flapjack ( boy -cmc)
Scootaloo x Cuite Swirl Pie (deceased) : Daring Eve Pie ( half sister of all the kids of Scootaloo and rainbow dash)
Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash ( divorced ) Wisteria Belle (lives with rainbow dash and scootaloo)
Fluttershy x Discord: Cosmic Chaos ( girl) Screwball
- C M C —
Son of AppleBloom and ukwnow king sombra son : Apple Asriel
AppleBloom x Tender Taps : Blooming Dancer ( apple asriel half sister — Lil sis )
Button Mash x Sweetie Belle: Prima Gentle Belle
Rainbow Dash x Scootaloo cmc kids : Flapjack Shereazade Rainbow swirl

Princess Celestia x King Thorax´s Daugther: Princess Celestial Ascension
Good King Sombra (passed away )x Princess Celestia:Radiant Solstice
Princesss Luna x Pharynx daugther: Princess Nocturnal Shine Cadence x Shining Armor kids : Flurry heart , Crystal Heart ( Filly ) Blizzard Heart ( Colt )
safe1575774 artist:fiorelladreemurr0771 apple bloom46556 applejack158892 big macintosh26874 bon bon15641 button mash3785 caramel2356 cheerilee9359 cheese sandwich3617 derpy hooves48248 dinky hooves4255 discord28698 dj pon-328114 doctor whooves10085 flash sentry12100 fluttershy197823 garble1622 king sombra12686 lightning dust4201 limestone pie4706 lyra heartstrings27962 marble pie6112 maud pie11861 neon lights791 octavia melody22500 pharynx862 pinkie pie203291 pipsqueak2708 pokey pierce1281 prince blueblood3840 princess celestia90043 princess ember5804 princess luna94000 princess skystar1785 queen chrysalis32319 quibble pants1435 rainbow dash219407 rarity169757 rising star787 rumble3803 sci-twi22083 scootaloo49190 sky stinger472 snails5141 snips3997 soarin'13328 spike74856 spitfire12790 starlight glimmer43892 sugar belle2652 sunburst5824 sunset shimmer57643 sweetie belle46665 sweetie drops15641 tempest shadow15374 tender taps656 thorax3986 thunderlane3819 timber spruce1864 time turner10070 tree hugger2651 trenderhoof826 trixie62156 trouble shoes1052 twilight sparkle282757 vapor trail902 vinyl scratch32210 zecora8791 zephyr breeze2098 oc605079 oc:fluffle puff2840 alicorn195359 changedling7264 changeling40128 changepony862 dracony5694 hybrid15266 equestria girls180247 my little pony: the movie17828 bluetrix703 canon x oc22033 carajack385 celestibra295 chrysipuff430 cutie mark crusaders17896 dinkysqueak89 discoshy2500 doctorderpy1405 emble54 family4017 family tree302 female899490 flashimmer1838 flutterdash4323 interspecies offspring6393 lesbian92237 lunarynx23 lyrabon3094 magical lesbian spawn10745 male305546 mane seven5900 mane six29459 offspring34452 parent:apple bloom621 parent:applejack3273 parent:big macintosh2676 parent:bon bon282 parent:button mash276 parent:caramel703 parent:cheerilee367 parent:cheese sandwich1628 parent:derpy hooves794 parent:dinky hooves22 parent:discord2935 parent:doctor whooves276 parent:flash sentry2558 parent:fluttershy4045 parent:garble146 parent:king sombra1042 parent:lightning dust272 parent:limestone pie452 parent:lyra heartstrings592 parent:marble pie339 parent:maud pie373 parent:neon lights87 parent:oc:fluffle puff68 parent:octavia melody265 parent:pharynx133 parent:pinkie pie3593 parent:pipsqueak238 parent:pokey pierce458 parent:prince blueblood815 parent:prince rutherford64 parent:princess celestia1896 parent:princess ember300 parent:princess luna1950 parent:princess skystar174 parent:queen chrysalis993 parent:quibble pants171 parent:rainbow dash5015 parent:rarity3574 parent:royal guard31 parent:rumble253 parent:scootaloo725 parent:sky stinger88 parent:snails191 parent:snips58 parent:soarin'2159 parent:spike1983 parent:spitfire370 parent:starlight glimmer1145 parent:sugar belle312 parent:sunburst871 parent:sunset shimmer1491 parent:sweetie belle532 parent:tempest shadow1952 parent:tender taps174 parent:thorax491 parent:thunderlane526 parent:tree hugger295 parent:trixie1707 parent:troubleshoes clyde330 parent:twilight sparkle7331 parent:vapor trail113 parent:vinyl scratch373 parent:zecora303 parent:zephyr breeze625 parents:bluetrix310 parents:canon x oc1809 parents:carajack653 parents:celestibra161 parents:chrysipuff64 parents:dinkysqueak14 parents:discoshy896 parents:doctorderpy185 parents:emble50 parents:flashimmer198 parents:flutterdash281 parents:lunarynx40 parents:lyrabon214 parents:pinkieford25 parents:pokeypie417 parents:scootadash9 parents:scratchtavia162 parents:soarinfire123 parents:sparity1240 parents:starburst406 parents:sugarmac199 parents:sweetiemash246 parents:tempestlight421 parents:tenderbloom158 parents:thoralestia93 parents:thunderdust48 parents:timbertwi52 parents:vaporsky62 parents:zephyrstone200 pinkieford26 pokeypie274 prince pharynx614 royal guard7055 scootadash756 scratchtavia2827 shipping184089 soarinfire569 sparity6298 starburst1021 straight121681 sugarmac673 sweetiemash577 tempestlight3368 tenderbloom217 thoralestia36 thunderdust46 timbertwi393 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115225 vaporsky148 wall of tags2314 watermark14523 zephyrstone29


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Professional Time Waster
I would like to look at the chart but this one is some ant resolution and the original can't zoom in.

Changeling Guard-Consort
I don’t know whether to upvote or downvote this.

There’s a lot I like.

There’s a lot I hate.

I think I’ll just leave it alone.
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I object to thorax and his brother x the princesses and sweetie belle x button mash