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suggestive148590 artist:draltruist290 part of a set13573 princess celestia96889 twilight sparkle306620 alicorn233510 anthro270201 ascension enhancement123 balcony1453 big breasts86345 big crown thingy2417 blushing205175 breast expansion3531 breasts289476 busty princess celestia10610 busty twilight sparkle12489 castle2120 cleavage35720 clothed female nude female2811 clothes477172 collection483 comic111633 commission73392 crown18020 dress46164 ethereal mane8505 expansion897 female1405193 growth5957 growth spell95 height difference721 high heels11818 hilarious in hindsight3242 horn78247 huge breasts40190 jewelry68701 looking at each other21546 post-transformation119 princess twilight 2.02557 regalia21221 shoes38884 size difference14986 torn clothes5081 transformation11388 transformation sequence1098 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126360 ultimate twilight434 vine1341 wardrobe malfunction5284 wings123791


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