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Some bonding at the foster home. Also a nice little reprieve for Pterus.
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Adge and I try to keep our respective blogs canon to each other. SciTwi and Sunset’s kid, Sparkling Sapphire, was conceived through portal shenanigans and it’s rather difficult, if not impossible, to replicate the process. And their kid has some magical issues due to it. So it’s probably for the best that Twi must come up with a completely different process to conceive Eventide.
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Very casual fan here. I have a question. This series has crossovered with another blog where Sci-Twi has a child with Sunset Shimmer. They both had their foal before Twilight and Luna had any of their children (even before adopting this adorable Bat Pony here). How did they both have their child if Twilight didn’t event the spell to produce same sex offspring yet?
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@Jarkes @Ekhidna @Gundlach @Dirty Bit

Spoilers!!! Pterus was conceived from two bat pony mares. How do you think Twilight and Luna found out it was possible they could have their own blood children? Pterus told them he had two moms before he had two alicorn moms. Not sure what happened to Pterus’s other Bat Pony Mom.
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(Previously known as weatherwatcher)

At first I thought the cuteness was just there by accident. But now I can see, your intentionally trying to give us cuteness overloads Silfoe.
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