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Zephyr Breeze trotted down the path towards the old Pie Rock Farm, whistling the whole way as his supply bag swung around his flank. He could clearly remember the day when Pinkie Pie, one of his sister's closest friends, approached him, asking for a favor that led into this side job. The old-fashioned family's hair dresser, who would visit them every month to cut their manes, had moved away from Ponyville, and they were in need of a new one. Even though the Pies never got out much to spread the word about his artistry, they served as great freelance work, and an extra bit in his bag was always welcome. Though, he did think it odd that they refused to visit a regular salon. Zephyr supposed that it just didn't align with their "lifestyle". They certainly were a strange bunch.

Suddenly, as Zephyr Breeze grew closer to the Rock Farm, an annoyed-looking earth pony stomped towards him. Zephyr gulped. Her. Ever since the first day that he met the aggressive mare, she never seemed to like him. She would always give him grief about being lazy or make fun of his man-bun. He wouldn't deny that he liked assertive mares, but Zephyr definitely wasn't her type.

"You!" the purple mare roared, coming closer to Zephyr.

"Hey, there, Limey," Zephyr said, giving a weak smile. "How ya doin'? Farm any good rocks lately?"

"Look here, pretty boy!" Limestone hissed, sauntering up to the green pegasus. "The last time you came 'round here you messed up my hair!"

"I what?" Zephyr Breeze spluttered. "But I distinctly remember all of you Pies being quite satisfied with my work…?"

"Well, I ain't!" Lime growled back, stomping one hoof into the ground for emphasis. "In fact, I think you owe me at least ten free haircuts for your stupidity!"

"Wait just a minute now, hun. Why would ya want more haircuts if you weren't happy with the last one?" Zephyr asked, one eyebrow quirked.

"Don't tell me what I want!" Limestone shouted, pressing her nose up against his. "I know exactly what I want and when I want it. And I want you!"

Zephyr's eyes widened, and his cheeks turned red at the implications of that statement. "You…what?"

Limestone, realizing what she had said, pulled back and snorted. "I want you to cut my hair again!" she muttered, a blush creeping into her face. "That's all! Don't read into it, girly boy!"

"I-uh. Ok." Zephyr Breeze stared at the flustered mare, his purple eyes the size of saucers. Had she just…? No. He must have been mistaken. She definitely wasn't into him or anything. She was just upset. That's why her face was pink…right…?
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