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When Misty was a filly she missed her mum a lot, and always wanted to make her proud (because she always was traveling and barely has time to be together) So she lied to her telling she wanted to be a princess like her.
So here we have Misty and Celestial having a “Mummy day”
for her contest ♥
safe1902648 artist:lmoustache6 princess celestia102464 oc800321 oc:misty apple3 alicorn261294 earth pony331650 pony1250058 accessory swap1828 alternate hairstyle32131 duo97863 female1539612 filly79821 freckles34308 hair bun4044 jewelry84350 mare579647 momlestia1056 mother and daughter6738 necklace24377 offspring45371 parent:big macintosh3833 parent:princess celestia2539 parents:celestimac19 pearl necklace1791 traditional art127778


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