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Con-Exclusive Bonus Cards: Stellar Flare!

When your milf-game is so on-point that every stallion in Equestria wants to father your foals.

Is that too inappropriate a description for a SFW post?

I can’t exactly be SFW with Stellar Flare.

This card will ONLY be available to buy at conventions, such as the upcoming BronyCon 2018! It will not be available to buy online. :)


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suggestive141102 artist:lil miss jay2486 stellar flare1216 anthro256911 full service playing cards286 the parent map1056 absolute cleavage3419 big breasts80737 bikini17845 bimbo4472 breasts274071 busty stellar flare244 cleavage34219 clothes454063 cougar662 curvy6555 erect nipples10479 female1349317 gravity-defying breasts815 hips2655 hourglass figure1442 huge breasts37776 jewelry62157 lipstick10977 milf9462 mom122 necklace18361 nipple outline7367 one-piece swimsuit4337 pearl necklace1222 raised eyebrow6527 red lipstick222 sling bikini1381 smiling243989 smirk12322 smug5917 socks (coat markings)2524 solo1053891 solo female178156 spherical breasts183 squishy2521 stellar milf261 stomach768 swimsuit27831 thighs13122


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@Lil Miss Jay Your art level has definitely improved a lot recently, but your style in general is PERFECT for Stellar Flare. Bust, hips, expression and outfit, the whole nine yards.
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It's fulfilling.
Curvaceous cougar with child birthing hips in a sling bikini, UNF X10 GOOD GOD!. I know that's her colouration, but I like to think that her thighs have been dipped in cream. Also, it makes it look like she's wearing sexy opera gloves. The beauty mark placement is a nice touch, really draws your eye in on her cleavage which I just want to dive into and give her a new pearl necklace! Also kudos on out sultrying her trademark sultry face. I did not think that was possible, but you did it! Good job! You deserve to sell lots of these cards, which I'm sure you will. I'd like to echo BP's point that the fact it's only available at Bronycon makes me feel both sad and horny.
Lil Miss Jay
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Butt Zebra
@Background Pony #61C0
Trust me I wish I could sell them online.
I found out California has a "US Contraband" law that prohibits the shipping of linen playing cards unless they're in a full deck inside of a box.
I have absolutely no idea why that law exists. I've heard the reason and it still doesn't make sense to me.
Background Pony #7D00
This card will ONLY be available to buy at conventions, such as the upcoming BronyCon 2018! It will not be available to buy online. :)

Background Pony #AB9E
Just tellin' ya, the parent:sunburst tag is not for designating Sunburst's parent(s) being present in the image, it is for designating when the character in the image is the offspring of Sunburst. 'ts how the parent: tags work.