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Hey ho the witch is back.
straight Ponka ships for y'all
Because why go with the standart ones if u can have fun w it.

Thorax/Pinkie — Dorky lovebugs
(if u think I'm not gonna turn those wacky ass head mandibles into antennae ur wrong)

Pharynx/Pinkie — Element o laughter ain't having none of ur crusty nonsense
(Pharynx needs someone to pet n shush him when his war trained ass flips his lid again)

Rutherford/Pinkie — horny ambassador
(rutherpie a fav but can't miss the chance to draw the yak man w dreads ???)

Blueblood/Pinkie — ''F~fine I like you''
(Prince meets party peasant, flirting and sexual inuendos ensue)

QuibblePants/Pinkie — Chatterboxes
(Rarely anyone can talk and blubber as much as these two)

Soarin/Pinkie — Old married couple
(Soft tired horses finding a home with each other)

Flash Sentry/Pinkie — Goofy Protectors
(big space brain: flash sentry is not the same as human teen boi flash and deserves his own story, personality and love)

Donut Joe/Pinkie — The bakers
(of course can't miss the duo that single handedly changed the world of sugar pastries)

I have genuine interest for all of these ships and I love Ponka to death, tough to pick a favorite ship tbh
safe1574771 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24350 donut joe756 flash sentry12093 pharynx862 pinkie pie203163 prince blueblood3837 prince rutherford678 quibble pants1435 soarin'13323 thorax3981 changedling7253 changeling40069 earth pony198724 pegasus239359 pony845163 unicorn265893 yak3829 alternate design2192 bluepie29 bow24202 bust40674 changeling king331 crack shipping3504 crown13950 female898569 hair bow13261 headcanon2122 interspecies20658 jewelry50850 king thorax2597 male305260 pinkie pie gets all the stallions41 pinkieford26 pinkiejoe49 pinkirax2 pinkynx1 ponytail15599 prince pharynx614 quibblepie2 regalia16277 shipping183891 soarinpie52 straight121634


not provided yet


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Background Pony #F11E
Every stallions falls for her, she isn't aware of it.
Like DeeDee when Mandark falls for her.
Like Luffy when Boa falls for him.
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Mal Hearts
Yay! These are all wonderful! Though, I wonder what Blueblood is thinking of… Probably of how much he hates being shipped with the messiest pony in Equestria.
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Garbage man
who'd ever complain about too many ponkas really ?

Hah I mean not her fault she's cute n everyone keeps falling in love with her (tho i'm rly just tryin around)

Yup I agree that Ponut and Pinkieford are p common but honestly they're still interesting and I had a shocking lack of male characters to draw pinkie with since the show is a bit behind on well/at all characterized characters rip

And about Flash Sentry, I legit hated him from the movies ? Like he was annoying as hell in the first one and the fandom blindly shipping pony!Flash with Pony!Twi just bcs twi seemed taken with his human counterpart was annoying ?
But thinking about him as a cute n dorky soldier loyal and powerful to his empire, so charming, good stuff
also recent human appereance has him with less hairgel and more goofy weather fascination so I'm game

Thanks for appreciating my hackneyed commentary tho !
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I've actually seen Pinkie being shipped with Donut Joe and Rutherford quite often. Not as often as seeing her with Pokey Pierce, Cheese Sandwich, or Party Favor, but often enough.

I'm loving these unique ships though. I also agree with you on Flash Sentry and really loved reading through the description.