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In the grimdarkness of the near future… There is a pony called Littlepip. I first got this idea when an odd idea popped into my head while reading Fallout Equestria. If Princess Celestia was a perpetual like the Emperor… What would that mean for Fallout Equestria? This was the result.

Littlepip was chosen as the Primarch of the XIII Legion by Empress Celestia shortly after the unification wars. She was chosen for her ability to devise diverse and easily adaptable combat plans, each of the Primarchs was given special genetic-enhancements, Littlepip's was increased cognitive capability and a greater understanding of military tactics, furthering her ability in combat. During the Black Heresy, Littlepip, along with the Primarch of the 1st Legion: Homage the Lion, and the Primarch of the 9th Legion: Morning Glory, created the Imperium Secundus, and after the Black Heresy she wrote the Codex Astartes, a grand book of battle doctrines which unfortunately has become outdated since her entombment in stasis, although ten-thousand years she rises once again thanks from Changeling intervention.

safe1706261 artist:infinita est lux solis70 part of a set12085 oc684544 oc:littlepip4099 pony967415 unicorn323263 fallout equestria17020 black and white12930 codex astartes14 cutie mark47722 fanfic10396 fanfic art14344 female1362948 glowing horn19663 grayscale38086 hooves17845 horn67237 magic73267 mare480478 monochrome149661 pipbuck3505 roboute guilliman13 simple background393331 solo1064108 telekinesis27727 text59541 traditional art117814 ultramarine113 warhammer (game)2099 warhammer 40k2027 white background97836


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