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suggestive164942 artist:axsens20 princess celestia102261 alicorn260480 human185911 alicorn humanization332 arm behind head7895 armpits44678 beautiful6483 breasts323693 clothes532764 cutie mark on human2319 digital art24034 female1535208 horned humanization7308 humanized107114 looking at you203250 sexy35369 signature32570 solo1209577 spread wings68856 stupid sexy celestia1824 winged humanization9301 wings158086


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I have a VERY strange request to ask of you, axsens. May I, with your permission, use this image as the basis for the creation of a wall scroll? I would, of course, leave your makers mark intact when it is created.

Aliens have appeared from space in a strange shiny-looking space ship, high in the Earth’s atmosphere. A garbled transmission tells the world that they are here to hopefully make peaceful contact with humanity. While parts of the world erupt into panic, a few chaotic weeks later, an apparent arrangement with the governments of the world has been made for them to land and make first contact on the ground. From a long distance, numerous news, television, internet, etc sources all watch closely with high-quality equipment as the alien ship descends from the sky. Not a single individual except the higher-ups in each of the governments appear to know even remotely what to expect. From home, you watch your screen in nervous anticipation as the ship finally makes landfall in a wide open area, constructed solely for the historical meeting about to take place. For a long time nothing seems to happen, just a tense silence, until finally a portion of one side of the ship begins to slide open. A ramp extends downwards and white steam or smoke billows out the opening. The interior is revealed to be crystal-like in nature, with what sunlight that is able to reach it reflecting off the glassy surfaces like a kaleidoscope. Your breathing stops for a moment as a dark silhouette appears in the fog and all those watching go silent. The figure is clearly humanoid in shape but that is all you are initially able to decern before they step out onto the ramp. Your eyes widen as a flicker of recognition sparks in your subconscious. “No way…”
-This has been all been thought of by me in the span of about 3 minutes after seeing this picture.