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Womp womp what am I if not always ready to draw me some noice crackships
Had myself requested some flutterships, and while the shy flower maiden is a tough nut to me, I did whip up some combos I think have interesting potential !

Luna/Fluttershy — Gentle Goddesses
- After years of imprisonment and a rude awakening to the new developments of society, who better to help Luna adjust and find happiness then a gentle animal lover with a smile like the warmest Lullaby!

Woah Nelly/Fluttershy — Just Gorgeous
- Ohhh look it's mi favorite, Nelly deserves more love ! I got a lot to say about her but that's for later. The hc is that Nelly is an advocate for positive self imae and a motivational speaker, as such she is a perfect person to help Fluttershy figure out her anxieties unlike how Iron Will forced out a nasty side from her.
Nelly and Flutters spend a lot of time talking, drinking tea and just enjoying an idyllic life~

Gilda/Fluttershy — surprised chicken noises
- woops this one is nearly mainstream. Gilda comes back to ponyville to apologize to Shy since friendship has proven a good thing, and surprisingly Shy is incredibly forgiving and patient and invites the feathered fiend friend inside her cottage, Gilda fell hard and fast after that tbh

Cheese/Fluttershy — Music and laughter
- Oh yas Cheesy boy, he is full of bright smiles and great accordioning of course ! And no one needs an unrestrained laugh more then Fluttershy, Cheese is a gentle soul who wishes for a home and family, traveling or not.
They sing and play together lots

Marble/Fluttershy — Shy and Shyer
- One is afraid of the dark, loud noises and nightmarenight but is learning to be assertive and socialize, the other is too afraid to even speak to her own siblings half the time but could kick a demon square in the face.
A gorgeous gentle duo that communicates nearly silently with loving looks and small gestures.

Thorax/Fluttershy — King and Queen
- Tall, beautiful and magical the new mother descends to take care of the cave of lone children suddenly without a parent to love and guide them as they need. Thorax is absolutely smitten with the gentle Pegasus that makes him nearly look assertive, they play off each others energy easily and encourage each other to be better.

Troubleshoes/Fluttershy — Tall and clumsy
- It's rare for fluttershy to find someone taller then her, tho the thing that caught her eye about troubles was his goofy soft smile he gifted to the laughing kids after one of his awkward clown performances. They met after Flutters Buckball appereance and of course a dedicated vet always has some gauze on hand, which helped troubleshoes when he stumbled over his own hooves again.

There we go !
I actually have a p set ship for Shy for my next gen that i'll never get going but I liked the idea of drawing a bit more and was surprised to find more then one ship I liked for her hah.
safe1557686 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive23895 cheese sandwich3582 fluttershy195972 gilda9042 marble pie6057 princess luna93265 thorax3946 trouble shoes1048 whoa nelly222 alicorn191487 changedling7134 changeling39186 earth pony191635 griffon24485 pegasus233239 pony828815 unicorn258643 accordion265 alternate design2141 bandaid1558 bisexual4824 blushing173035 crack shipping3467 ear piercing20976 earring17444 female881872 flower21726 flutternelly1 fluttersandwich3 fluttershy gets all the mares30 fluttershy gets all the stallions121 gildashy108 hat75226 interspecies20446 jewelry49297 king thorax2569 lesbian91420 lunashy268 male299674 marbleshy56 musical instrument6798 piercing34004 ponytail15268 shipping181782 straight120307 thoraxshy13 troubleshy11 wings72470


not provided yet


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Hey I'm glad to deliver !
I do love Nelly and want to do more w her in the future for sure.

At first I was stumped because I am apparently super picky with shy ships, compared to pinkies list this one is pretty meager hah.
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That headcanon for Nelly's quite adorable. GildaShy and TroubleShy might be my favorite ships in this bunch but they're all really lovely.