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NGR stands for Next Gen Revamp. I'm combining the Crystalverse and Pixieverse. Those two will still be around on their own, but I'll almost never use them and this NGR will be my main universe. As stated in the title, these ships are subject to change.




SilverJack (EStories)

safe1578877 artist:thepegasisterpony126 applejack159078 coco pommel5486 firefly1738 fluttershy198214 pinkie pie203569 princess luna94094 rainbow dash219782 rarity169991 thorax3999 twilight sparkle283188 oc606827 oc:silverlay718 alicorn195906 changedling7284 changeling40278 canon x oc22097 crack shipping3515 dashfly51 female901958 g114083 heart eyes14056 interspecies20714 king thorax2611 lesbian92333 lunapie54 male306446 marshmallow coco253 polyamory6170 shipping184408 silverjack56 simple background346689 straight121954 thoraxshy13 transparent background180063 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115426 twinkie1712 twinkuna1 wingding eyes19228


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