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Woop, colored some old spike ship sketches so here ya go

Tirek/Spike — Gentle Rehab
-Being an evil magic eating d*ck doesn't exactly prime you for romance, but luckily the oft underestimated dragon of the youngest princess loves to chat about old tomes and literature when no one is watching, so having philosophical chats and reading old arcana together is the way to reenter society for this big meanie

Trixie/Spike — Proud Wizzard
-Trixie would never abuse her boyfriend for shock value and as a guard dog of course !!! He scowls at threatens blazing fire all of his own will, proud of being cool and scary enough to chase of the oldest unicorn magisters.

Frazzle Rock/Spike — Gem professors
- After the princess Spike disaster, the young drake made sure to apologize all way around and of course ended up having a longer chat with the lass in charge of the gorgeously delicious harmony statue, now they talk and conceptualize gem pieces, old research and new papers on magical gem usage.
Also yes Frazzle is a part Donkey y'all can fight me on that

Sombra/Spike — You are worthy of love
- Life has hit hard and unfairly but starving alone in some field until nature finally chews away at you isn't really an option when a dragon with too much heart finds you and talks about magic and hope

Flash Sentry/Spike — Dragon and his Knight
-Wops another Flash Sentry ship, I do love this boy as a goofy guard and since he seems to work with Cadance, there is a good chance Spike would meet him during one of his many Chrystal Empire visits, and it would be ooc for the cheeky shi*t to not tease the guard that's violently trying to stay stonefaced instead of cracking up loudly

Star Tracker/Spike — The new pet
-Twilight brought home something fun from her airship trip, spike is intrigued by the new 'family member'

Starlight/Spike — Best of friends
-Okay so this one is really mainstream but I just had this image of them flying kites together n Spike telling some tall tale so there you go

Sunburst/Spike — Chrystal Heroes
-Spike being a punching bag and permanently in Twilights shadow ? FOOLS ! More like Spike the great and glorious flirting with the resident Chrystal egghead while he tries to tame a small ball of magical disaster.

Maud/Spike — Rock candy
-A short lived and one-sided crush but a great friendship nontheless, Maud got Spike to help with gem carrying and fighting off diamond dogs for a while, they had a mutualy enjoyable time during those shared excursions.

Bascially I love spike and anyone who shits on him or uses him as a gag or punching bag, I will personally come and shove thumbtacks under your kneecaps.
Some of these ships I like better then others but I thoughts why not throw them all together so I'm not just spamming derpibooru w my trash
safe1581055 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24251 flash sentry11866 frazzle rock114 king sombra12698 lord tirek4788 maud pie11812 princess flurry heart6281 spike74154 star tracker341 starlight glimmer44262 sunburst5891 trixie62591 alicorn197205 centaur2653 classical unicorn3823 donkey1596 dragon48193 earth pony201863 pegasus243279 pony849801 unicorn269746 and then spike was bi11 bisexual5010 blaze (coat marking)871 book30593 cloven hooves8961 coat markings721 colored wings5042 colored wingtips1533 crack shipping3504 curved horn5929 female925613 filly59473 fire10117 frazzlespike1 gay24810 gem5443 glasses55008 glowing horn16811 leonine tail7396 magic66235 male307382 mare418091 maudspike25 scroll3142 shipping183984 socks (coat marking)1747 sparlight558 spike gets all the mares716 spike gets all the stallions31 spikebra7 spikesentry3 spiketracker1 spirek1 spixie230 stallion93485 straight121686 sunspike1 unshorn fetlocks21993 winged spike7191


not provided yet


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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

>after the ursa minor makes a snack of twilight sparkle, a homeless, mourning spike finds support in the most unlikely of places, somepony who has a lot to make up for boasting beyond her ability to perform

why is this ship working…
Charles farrow
Artist -

You think simple thumbtacks will stop me?
I've tried that before actually, didn't really hurt, probably avoided most of my nerves.


Though I also like Spike, so there's probably not really any reason to fight…
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Garbage man
damn I totally skipped over these comments ??

hah I can totally understand that, spike is a youth and pairing him with former villains is still squicky tho I do love to think he's real mature for his age n would be a great mix with anyone who needs some grounding
so far in my next gen Sombra is the saddest n most depressed loner ever and that prob won't change so this was nearly pure self-indulgence pfpf

FrazzleSpike is def a weakness for me, what a way to hit off I mean how would Frazzle ever forget those batting eyelashes ;O

@Sr Pelusa
Listen, Flash deserves him a good boy who will spar with him but also comb his hair n give him back scratches

Yes Sir !
I am so glad I started on booru hah the positive reinforcement is motivating as heck
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
Can't say I'm feeling Spike/Tirek or Spike/Sombra but I do like all the other ones. I think I might like the pairing with him and Frazzle Rock and Maud the most. Kinda like the idea of them bonding over gemstones together.
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Garbage man
Damn thanks man!
I honestly think startracker is surprisingly underrated so I'm glad I got something interesting here
And wow already putting in those requests I see ;D
Especially tough ones too since I don't have an aweful lot for those two going, they're tougher to ship then flutters, yipes !