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Empress Nightmare Moon ruins everycreature's everypony's night in the local pub
safe1676911 artist:bigrigs103 nightmare moon16694 alicorn218796 earth pony237973 pony939602 alcohol7027 annoyed5375 background pony10150 bags under eyes1932 bar1296 drunk4783 drunk bubbles356 ethereal mane7598 female1336802 gray background6921 male362807 mare466726 simple background383762 speech3127 stallion104887 starry mane3939 tray785 waitress787


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Pubilq Phirm

1. Equine livers make a better alcohol dehydrogenase than humans
2. She's twice as tall (8 times the mass) of most other ponies

I agree wholeheartedly, even if you assume that being a magic-user lowers your CON stat.
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Also, the amount of alcohol that it takes to intoxicate a demi-god must be truly impressive. I imagine NMM almost put that bar out of business, which explains the sour expression on the waitress' face.